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The film will have a simple plot and a cast of a thousand -- the whole idea is to assemble video clips of 1,000 people giving their love, through the lens of a camera, to the world.

How the movie idea was formed
We were talking about how the world needs more love, and how to solve that problem -- we're ALWAYS trying, in one way or another, to solve that problem! We realized that there is a limit to how much good we can do just by teaching about love, and demonstrating a life of love. We needed to get people actually involved in loving more, THEMselves. The idea for the film came up in that context. It struck us as a great way to get a lot of people involved in helping solve the problem, and also a great way to deliver a big dose of high quality love to a lot of people.

It just so happened that we were planning to attend a Body Mind & Spirit show in Portland where we had a booth to promote the Living Love Fellowship's web sites and teachings. We had no real plan for filming, or even much of a concept of what that would take. But we brought a camera and microphone along, just in case we could figure out a way to make it work.

When we got to Portland, we set up our camera in a hallway, and that was the birth of the project. Even with minimal preparation and almost no expertise, the filming was a fabulous success. Technically, the footage was acceptable, but the experience for us and for those we filmed was so uplifting and extraordinary, it was an overwhelming proof of concept. All kinds of people contributed their love to the film, not just the new age types from the Expo. It was huge.

Every time since then, the experience has just been getting better and better. And our approach to it has been evolving. We gradually learned how to improve our production values, which reached an all-time high in Portland with the well-controlled environment of the private room we used at the convention center. And then, the next month, we went in totally the opposite direction -- setting up our camera on a street corner in Eugene, under the least controlled conditions so far.

But what is by far most important about this project is the experience for all involved. It is like an "enlightenment intensive" for us to spend a weekend filming. We are all together from the moment we awake till we go to sleep, working as one to physically and spiritually maintain an environment that supports people in feeling and sharing love, through the camera, to the world. The process is day-long love meditation that creates a huge bubble of love among us and the public. In that bubble, the presence of God is very strong, blessing everyone.

What we expect to do with the movie
Make a full length film and show it wherever we can. Maybe start with the independent film festivals. We hope to distribute it far and wide. Also, have segments of it available on our web site and on public web sites such as Youtube. And also, we have the idea of distributing short versions of it to hospitals, nursing homes, and old age residences to provide love to those relatively isolated people who need it for their well-being.

Challenges of the movie
Filming takes a lot of organization and work to get ready for, but the actual process of shooting is purely wonderful, a joyful process of relating to people, one at a time.

The real challenge of this project is finding the time and resources to be able to work on it. We get very little contribution from the public for our work, so the 12 of us who comprise the LLF work very hard to earn extra money to support our mission and pay for all the expenses of our projects. For us, money is tight, but time is even tighter. So we are always behind on processing the footage we've taken.

Also, when it comes to promoting and distributing the movie, we are total novices. That will be an important future challenge.